Morphine 15 Mg, 30 Mg, 60 Mg

Generic Name: morphine
Brand Names: AVINza, Kadian, MS Contin
The product we have is made by Mallinckrodt USA

Morphine is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic

Basically Morphine is used to relieve the severe pain and also it is used for the clock treatment of the person who is suffering from the severe pain.

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Opana ( Oxymorphone ) 20 Mg, 30 Mg, 40 Mg

Generic Name: Oxymorphone

Brand Names: Opana
Manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals

Opana ( Oxymorphone ) 20 Mg, 30 Mg, 40 Mg is a pain killer which is becoming very popular now a days and it used for to treat the person who has severe pain. it is an opioid pain medication and sometimes also call narcotic. It can be used for any sort of severe pain like neck pain or muscles pain as well

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Soma ( Carisoprodol ) 350 Mg

Soma ( Carisoprodol )

The drug is an interneuron blocker, inhibits the awakening reaction in the electroencephalogram, has a pronounced anti-cardiac effect. Indications for the use of carisoprodol: spasms of striated musculature, herniated intervertebral disc, brachialgia, lumbalgia, torticolis, spasms of calf muscles, pyramidal spasticity. The daily dose of the drug is from 700 to 1000 mg. Side effects: allergic reactions, drowsiness, relaxation.

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Dolophine ( Methadone ) 10 Mg

Methadone is a potent synthetic opioid. It is used mainly to quench medium and severe pain (Dolmed® 5 mg tablets), as well as for opioid substitution therapy (eg Methadone Martindale Pharma® solution 2 mg / ml). Similar to other opioids used for drug intoxication, methadone causes physical and mental dependence.

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Percodan ( Aspirin / Oxycodone ) 325/4 Mg

Each PERCODAN (aspirin and oxycodone hydrochloride) Tablet contains,

Oxycodone Hydrochloride, USP…..4.8355 mg*
Aspirin, USP……………………………….325 mg

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Tramadol 50 Mg, 100 Mg

Has a strong analgesic (analgesic) activity, gives a quick and lasting effect. Inferior, however, to the activity of morphine at the same doses (applied, respectively, in large doses).

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Buprenorphine 2 Mg, 8 Mg Suboxone ( Subutex )

Buprenorphine ( Subutex )  is an opioid analgesic. Opioid drugs are sometimes called drugs.

It is used to treat drug dependence.

It can also be used for purposes not listed in this treatment instruction.

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